About Us

“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.” Publilius Syrus


Korea Medical Tourism is one of the few government-approved medical travel agency in South Korea. Our mission is to ensure patients have an optimum medical travel results by removing confusion, anxiety, and surprise from the process of planning a medical travel.


Korea Medical Tourism will facilitate contact between prospective clients and accredited Korean doctors & hospitals. Aside from ascertaining the hospitals’ credentials, Korea Medical Tourism also provides information to prospective clients about the various medical procedures and recuperation packages available. The information we provide is often used by our clients to make their own decisions, as to where they want to have their medical care.


As we are a facilitation service provider, and not a medical advisor, we do not have a physician-patient relationship with our clients. We always suggest that they seek the advice of a qualified health provider regarding a medical condition, before making their decision about going on a medical trip abroad. Our medical translators will only facilitate an accurate translation of the medical information from the consulting Korean hospital / doctor.


Korea Medical Tourism cares about your wellbeing and has proven success for our clients by engaging in the CARE approach:


Comfortable trip from planning stage to recuperation stage and departure.

Always standing by our clients’ needs. You will never be alone. Our coordinator will guide you in and out of the clinics.

Reasonable pricing comparison so you can identify fair and unfair prices.

Easy communication between client and physicians & medical facility.


As always, Korea Medical Tourism will guide you through a seamless, hassle-free medical travel whilst ensuring complete anonymity. Begin your life-changing experience now.

Korea Medical Tourism - Your Choice Partner
VIP Arrangement
For all of us, health matters most, thus everyone deserves only the best. 
Proper information is provided by staying neutral and objective from consultation to after care. 
Customised Package
We understand different clients have different needs. Flexibility is our forte.
3 Steps Verification System
We do all the groundwork by checking all hospitals' credentials for your safety.